Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas Blocks

Lighted Christmas Glass Blocks
This one says Merry Christmas, but I can do a monogram or another saying of your choice.
Ribbon and decorations may very per block.


  1. Love the glass block....I can just see that monogramed...hmmm....I will be thinking if I have a place for one of those!

  2. Patty, Nice hearing from you! You have a beautiful family! =) We're excited about our 5th child too!
    Love the glass Christmasy block and the neat monogram on the glass dishes too!
    Take care! =)

  3. Patty, thank you for your nice comment. Yes, I know about the IHC services being archived. But unfortunately, our internet is so slow that I tried for 8 hours to upload that last service, and it never did upload. =( So, we were GLAD that our friend made us a DVD of all of the IHC services and we enjoyed seeing all we had missed this past Sunday afternoon. =)